Delta 7

The novel was published this past July.  I’d love to hear from anyone was has… or would like to read the book.

For more information see the Delta 7 website!



  1. This book looks great! Make sure you email me when it’s published so I can get my own copy!

  2. Book Lover Nic,

    Thanks very much for the kind comment and for visiting the site.

    The publisher says the book should be out this summer, so I’ll make sure you get the word.

    Thanks again and cheers!
    John Cathcart

    ps. Tell all your friends too! 🙂

  3. I happened on your site while searching the web and Wow! The book sounds like a real thriller…can’t wait to read more. So timely too, with the FARC in the news. I loved the background information you provide. Makes it all so much more real to me. Can I be emailed when the book is published or can I pre-order a copy?

    Also, your other website mentions that I can receive a free copy of the first chapter. Can you tell me how to obtain one?

  4. Joanne,

    Thanks for visiting the site. I’ve just sent you the first chapter… enjoy!

    I’ll email you once the book is published, and you’ll be able to get a copy.


  5. Dear John,

    Congrats!!! Can’t wait until the book gets published. It will be interesting to see how many of your characters we can identify.


  6. Thanks Carina!

    Of course, none of the characters in my novel are real people! Perhaps you’ll still be able to recognize a few “similarities” between one or two of the book’s characters and people you know — that would be interesting.

    The publisher is still betting on publication this summer. In the meantime, I’ve recently uploaded the first chapter and a few more pages at the following site:


    Cheers, and thanks very much for posting,
    John Cathcart

  7. Very interesting – I’ve never read about fighter pilots before., only seen it on the movies. The plot sounds intriguing. Glad to see you have found a publisher. Might we see you on tv one of these days? Always remember the little people.

  8. Janette,

    Thanks for visiting. Did you find the first chapter OK?

    As to TV… it’ll be nice to get a couple of books sold first. 🙂 Maybe once you start telling all your friends, I’ll start selling lots of books!


  9. John,
    We both enjoyed your first chapter. Looking forward to publication day, put us on your list.

  10. Bill & Sharon,

    Glad you found the first chapter… thanks so much for your comments!

    Which version did you find; the video or the printed version?

    Things are looking good for publication this summer.

    Thanks again for visiting,
    John Cathcart

  11. Hello !!!!!!! Capt Jhon Carter

    When you told me about your experience , I received the card to read the introduce of your book, believe me It is really great and interesting ; the images and everything is wonderful i s charming !!!!!! I would like the get it !!!!!!!!

    Ok, Muchos Exitos!!!!!!! y nos vemos in FLT924 or FLT910 in RNG

  12. Elizabeth,

    Muchas gracias por sus comentarios. Me alegro que encontró el sitio de “Delta 7” en el Internet, y que tomó el tiempo de contactarme dejándome un comentario.

    Voy a tener que llevar unos ejemplares del libro cuando esté publicado en unos meses. Tengo varios vuelos a Medellín en Mayo, y espero verla durante mi estadía.
    Mientras tanto, gracias por haber visitado mi website!


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