Delta 7

In Delta 7, my first novel, I tell a fictional story based on my life experiences as an F-111 fighter pilot and an Air Force Attaché.  I’ll put you right in the cockpit of an F-111 streaking through the skies on the way to attack an airfield in northern Africa. 

Operation El Dorado Canyon

Painting by Ronald Wong

Next, you’ll experience being kidnapped and forced to fight with Colombia’s vicious FARC guerilla movement.  Finally, you’ll be drawn into a strange, secret, and violent world of drug trafficking.  Your friends are getting killed, and you don’t know who you can trust.  Over time, you find that some of your former military friends may be involved in a plot to smuggle drugs into the United States.

Please feel free to explore this site and make any comment or ask any question you’d like.

If you’d like to learn more about Delta Seven, or if you’d like to read the first chapter for free, please visit this site:

Delta Seven Website

Thanks for visting!

John Cathcart


  1. Hi John,

    Read your comments on selling e-books at your site in the CreateSpace community. Question: You only mentioned selling PDF through your site. What do you do about Kindle, Nook, etc., other device users? Can they all read PDF now? I’ll look through your site more to see if I can spot the answer, but would be nice to connect with you.

    I write suspense novels – one traditional and now one through CS. Hoping for more. My site is if you’d care to look.



  2. Hello Jim,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I wrote that Createspace authors’ forum message quite a while back, so it’s a bit dated. I took the PDF section off of my website about a year ago since I only had a couple of “takers!”

    Also, to be honest, I was a bit worried about the process I had established. If you’re going to offer something like that over the Internet, you must be prepared to supply the file quickly… i.e. automatically. I put lots of caveats in my site about how it might take me a while to fulfil the order; but still didn’t feel very comfortable with the process. Fortunately, (or maybe it’s unfortunately) I only sold two books in that way.

    Right now the only eBook format I’m using is the Kindle format. It’s also available through my Outskirts Press publisher; but they’ve yet to sell a single electronic copy. So basically, the book is only available through in electronic form. I’m planning on getting the book onto Barnes&Noble and iTunes; but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    Good luck with your book!


  3. John,
    Just finished the book. Well done. It’s the first fictional book I’ve read in a while and I really enjoyed it. I’ve passed it along to a retired Marine and an avid reader.
    I do think it would make a great movie. I trust a screen play is in progress?
    I look forward to another John Carter book.

  4. Woody,

    Thanks very much for taking the time to leave a comment about Delta 7; and glad you enjoyed it.

    As for a screen play in progress… maybe one of these days! I’m currently working on a sequel to Delta 7, not sure how long that will take.

    Thanks again and cheers!
    John Cathcart

  5. Hi, I believe we are cousins. My father was Maj. Pete Richardson Briggs. His father was Edward Percy Briggs, Jr. In my youth, I visited my grandfather frequently in New Orleans where he lived with my step-grandmother, Olivia. I recall him speaking of his sisters, Mary and Lila, and I’m assuming he was referring to your grandmother and great aunt. My father and his father were estranged for reasons I never learned but I had a wonderful relationship and fond memories of my grandfather. I’m now 68 so many of my memories of him have faded. Happening upon your genealogy site brought many of them back. Thank you for that.

  6. Hello Cousin Bill,

    Just sent you a private email response.

    Thanks for getting in touch,

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